June 16, 2020

The Complete Guide to Marketing for Realtors

It’s hard to be fully invested in your job and stay on top of your marketing at the same time. Whether you work with a marketing team or you create your marketing by yourself, we would like to help you make the best of it. Working with Real Estate professionals for over 10 years, we interviewed some of our long-time clients and conducted additional research on what are the hot topics that will help you attract new leads and convert them to clients.

Use a 4-step approach

  1. Define your area of expertise. Are you working mostly with buyers or sellers? Maybe pre-construction projects are your forte and you work mostly with experienced investors? You might be doing all the above, but think for a moment what is your stronger side. It might be even the type of clients you are working with, such as first-time buyers, downsizers or families looking to expand. With Covid-19 changing the face of the Real Estate market, you probably need to re-evaluate the situation and look for new opportunities, but you can still leverage your expertise in certain areas when catering to potential clients.
  2. Now think of the common problems home buyers, sellers, renters or investors are having and how you can help solve them. You might have valuable information about schools and daycares in specific neighbourhoods, tips on staging the property, investment advice or financial insights. With many people being concerned for their future employment and health these days, it is important to use a more personal and human approach, addressing these issues. It will definitely set you apart and get the attention of potential clients.
  3. Create several pieces of content with solutions to most common problems. Some of the most popular would be lists with tips, such as “5 things to consider when buying a home”, “5 ways to prepare your home for sale on a budget”, Real Estate Market analysis, best financial options to consider, infographics, charts, neighbourhood reviews, etc. Some of the content can be written by you and some can be shared from reputable sources. If it provides valuable information to your target audience, it will work.
  4. Promote your content to buyers, sellers and investors in an engaging way. One of the most effective ways to promote your content are videos. Videos are engaging and draw more attention than written pieces and can be used on different Social Media platforms, as well as your website.

We can help you create engaging videos and put them in front of the most sought after audience – condo residents. Condo residents tend to be renters that are looking to buy, young families that are looking to expand or experienced investors that just enjoy a condo lifestyle. Whether your niche is buyers, sellers or investors-you will find them in residential condominiums, riding the elevators every day, at least 4 times a day, interacting with digital screens, installed at the eye level for better engagement. With new self isolation rules, they are spending more time home than ever before, so now is the best time to grab their undivided attention.

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