Elevate Your Marketing Strategy

Promote your services to local condo residents within their home!

15 seconds video ads on interactive digital screens in high traffic areas within the condominiums.

  • Elevators
  • Lobbies
  • Mailrooms
  • Parking Levels
  • Common Areas


Want a Successful Ad Campaign?

Download the checklist of 5 must haves on how to have a successful advertising campaign.

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Hyper - local campaigns are more focused and target people that are more likely to use your services. This is your digital alternative to door knocking and redundant flyers.


Communicate with your target audience on a daily basis within their home.


Interactive digital screens have become an integral part of a condo’s communication strategy because they offer one vital item that others don’t - A CAPTIVE AUDIENCE!

What business owners are saying

Benefits & Features


Residents refer to screens to get updates on what’s happening in the building

Hyper-Local Targeting

You can target the audience in specific locations and customize the message with local promotions and events.

Cost Effective and Flexible

No more expensive production and printing costs! For a small fee you get an annual campaign with 12 engaging 15 second video ads that can be updated within 24 hours.

Advertising Templates

Not a marketing expert? No worries. We got you covered with advertising templates relevant to your line of business. All you need to do is provide your contact information and logo and leave the rest to us.

Option of Exclusivity

Your ad will be the only one shown in your industry in the selected condominiums.

High visibility

Ads running 24/7 in a 6 minutes loop with average frequency of 480/screen per day.

Fast upload times

If you have an Open House or would like to promote an event that's taking place this coming weekend, give us a shout a day before and have your ad on the screens within 24 hours.

Fast and personable service

Whether you need an advice, have a question or are looking to brainstorm - we are always here for you!
Take your brand to the next level and connect with your audience