September 3, 2020

The Best Strategy To Attract Great Board Members

Having a strong board is essential, and it can make the difference between success and failure. Imagine having a board where members are unable to get along or even respect each other! That can happen, and it does happen when you don’t have the right people in place.  

Lacking a quorum can also make your job impossible to manage. That’s why attracting new board members should be executed with great care to ensure that residents vote in the right persons. You need the correct number of board members, and they have to be effective.

Whether your board needs two or more new members, you came to the right place! Our strategy will ensure that you have engaged and dedicated candidates who will passionately work for your board. Here is your best approach to attracting great board members. 

Step 1: Dig Deep

The first step in this process is to dig deep! Before residents start to come forward at your annual general meeting, your board needs to first agree about the qualities you need in a board member.

Taking the time to write a detailed list is like putting down a foundation for a house. Although it is not the most exciting work in the world, it is necessary to keep your home upright. Missing out on this crucial first step would be a big mistake! 

Step 2: Draw In The Right People

The next step to attracting great board members is to understand that you have to compel the right people to come forward. 

Remember that ultimately it is the residents who vote in members of the board, and as a result, it must be a choice that pleases them. 

Your best plan of action is to express a clear vision to residents in your community. That will ensure that the right people come forward and volunteer to run for the board. These people will likely share your vision, feel motivated and excited about joining your board. 

Board members could even host a get together in your building’s recreational room. That would give board members the chance to communicate your vision with the community and share what qualities you like to see in your board members. Watch them flock forward! 

Step 3: Offer Insight

The candidates who come forward to run for the board may have the passion required to do the job, the skills and the ability, but do they know how much work is involved? Perhaps they think being a board member means only two hours worth of work a month. Maybe they are unaware that other commitments might take up all of their board time. 

Have them sit in on a light meeting and experience a day in the life scenario. Tell them how many hours you spend a week as a board member, and go into great detail about what you do. Please do not leave them in the dark!

Providing insight has the added benefit of weeding out people who might be flaky or unprepared for the job. If they cannot handle the time commitment and workload of being a board member, they will likely duck out at this point.

Step 4: Make Your Case To The Residents 

After you have given the prospective candidates an insight into life as a board member, it’s time to take things up a notch. Some candidates may be standing out, and you want to do everything you reasonably can to help them make the board. 

The best thing you can do is to encourage them to make the rounds. Have candidates introduce themselves to residents at an open house or town hall meeting. Get residents to ask prospective board members questions and see how they respond. Doing this will allow candidates to express who they are and how they share a similar vision with the board.

For this to work in your favour, your board must be both united and maintaining your community’s health and well-being. If your board has historically been unable to accomplish the things it set out to do, you should work on that too.

To Clear Things Up

Many board members believe that adding a new addition to their team might mean dealing with strife. Perhaps they have a well-oiled machine going, and they think that a new board member would have conflicting values and opinions. 

It might also be that your board believes you must have people who share the same values, ideas, and thoughts about everything to run smoothly. 

Diversity in a condo board is a strength because it means that your owners and residents will feel better represented, and more voices will felt heard. A useful board is one who serves as many people as possible. Do not be afraid of residents voting in a candidate or two whose values are not precisely your own. Indeed you can find common ground!

The Point 

To attract great board members, you need a game plan. Remember that the first step to success is writing down exactly what you need and want from a new board member.  Next, compel the right people to come forward by hosting a mixer where residents get to know the board members, their vision, and allow them to come along naturally.

Once you have hosted that community-wide event, your next job is to give candidates who come forward a day in the life experience. Doing this is an excellent way to get lukewarm candidates who would be an improper fit for your board to weed themselves out.

Finally, encourage candidates to participate in a question and answer session with residents. Doing this will give voters a clearer picture of who to vote for (and if their values align with yours, then your top picks will be voted in).

One Last Thing

At the core of every strong board is excellent communication. To learn more about how to better communicate with your owners and residents, promote alignment and transparency in your condo and find out if the MAX TV Communication System is right for you, contact us today!


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