November 23, 2020

The Benefits of Having Elevator Screens In Your Community

Communication in your community is essential, and your board is; as a result, always looking for the best way to engage and connect with residents.

You know that any money allocated towards communication in your community will come back to your condo or HOA in a big way. Furthermore, if you’re reading this, you wonder whether an elevator screen is right for your community.

A digital elevator display will change the way your community connects for the better. If your board has been talking about getting elevator screens installed, this will help you understand their benefits and why you should have them in your community. 

What Are They?

A digital elevator display is a communication solution that transforms how communities share information and connect with residents.  

Digital elevator displays are highly customizable, and they offer many benefits for your community.  Residents can be alerted to announcements quickly and easily. If your building is eco-conscious, you can eliminate the need to print and paste notices on an old-fashioned bulletin board.

The Benefits of Elevator Screens In Your Community 

Your community is continuously changing. People are coming and going, and reaching people should be done in a modern way.  Elevator screens have multiple benefits for your community. Those benefits include: 


Getting the word out about what is happening in your community can be a chore, especially when something important has to get shared in a hurry. Without a digital display, you would log on your computer, type up a statement, print it, and rush to paste the announcement all over your Condo or HOA common areas. Last-minute announcements do happen, and a digital display can exponentially streamline your communications. 

Digital displays can be changed instantly, and it is a lot quicker than printing paper notices and hoping that residents will take the time to read them in common areas.

Transparency & Alignment:

If there are critical announcements that members your community should hear about, digital displays are a great way to share. Transparency means you are open and honest about what is happening in your community. It means that you share things that are happening immediately, knowing it concerns residents. 

Digital elevator displays also promote your community’s alignment because they establish order and a routine to residents. Why? Residents who enter the elevator or other common areas will start to read the display announcements for their community’s latest news. 


Compliance is a tricky thing to regulate on your own. However, when you have a digital elevator display periodically reminding residents of rules and regulations (perhaps between announcements and event statements), you have a great tool that will improve your residents’ lifestyle.


Have you ever been in an elevator and moved your eyes around aimlessly, looking for anything to occupy your eyes until you reach your floor? If you do this, you are one of many. 

In an elevator, people make awkward small talk and look down at the floor, willing the elevator to move quicker. But what if you had a conversation starter and an awkward-dispeller available to your community?

Luckily this exists in the form of a digital elevator display. It is available to you, and it is easy to install in your community elevator.  

Your Solution

For your community, digital elevator displays are invaluable. Not only do they help you communicate with residents in an engaging and eco-friendly way, but they also streamline how you send announcements and statements.

MaxTV Media offers a cutting-edge, sleek, and engaging communication solution that you can place, not only in elevators but also in other high-traffic areas in your community. Some key features of our digital displays include:

Notice Templates 

With our notice templates, you can customize your messages to suit your community culture and the type of notifications. A message of necessity (such as an upcoming fire drill) or a fun announcement (such as a community social event) can be shared using one of our notice templates.

Advanced Scheduling 

Need to get out a series of messages to your community? Stagger the release of your messages!  Cut out the time required to re-type and re-paste messages over and over again. With our digital display, you can schedule as many messages as you like in advance, time the release of them according to your preference, and choose when they get removed. 

Relevant Content 

Your community will have access to the latest news and entertainment stories, weather updates, and content relevant to your community with our digital display. It is entirely customizable, so you choose what content is relevant to your community and what is best for them to see.

Community Classifieds 

Want to connect and engage with each other? Utilize our community classified feature! With our digital display technology, sharing classifieds within your condo or HOA is possible. Does a resident need a tutor for their son or daughter? No problem! All they have to do is reach out, and perhaps another resident in your condo or HOA has the education and tutoring skills available! 

Resident Polls 

Our resident poll feature allows you to engage with your community. Make the people part of your decision making! Maybe you are unsure when to hold your annual Christmas party, put up a poll on display for residents, and see how many people make themselves heard. 

One Last Thing

Behind every great board is healthy communication. If you want to learn about how you can better communicate with your owners and residents, and encourage trust and openness in your community, contact us today! We would love to show you how MaxTV Communication Systems can be of service to you. 



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