September 14, 2020

Elevator Digital Screens vs. Paper Bulletin Boards

In the old days, housing communities were unable to announce things quickly. Residents received their information as soon as they could find it on the community message board, and sometimes critical information got lost in translation. 

Today, times have changed.  People need information fast, and they have no patience for slug-like communication efforts. Your correspondence with residents should be modern and efficient. You need to share quickly, and residents need to hear it just as fast (and in a way that captures and holds their attention).

If your board is thinking about transitioning your community to elevator digital screens, this is for you. Here is your definitive breakdown of elevator video screens versus traditional paper bulletin boards. 

Elevator Digital Screens help you Share and Update Information Instantly 

A paper bulletin forces you to type, print, and tack announcements to bulletin boards, hoping that residents read them in time. Furthermore, if updated information needs to be shared, you are forced to start the process all over again. Not only is that a waste of time, effort, printer cartridges and paper, but it is also not feasible.  

On the other hand, elevator digital screens allow you to send, edit and remove messages instantaneously. When you need to get the word out fast, an elevator digital screen is your best bet. Have a critical update to share? No problem! Elevator digital screens can be quickly updated with new information.

Elevator Video Screens are Engaging and Interactive 

Imagine that you have an AGM coming up or an urgent weather update. How do you share the details with your residents (such as where and when)? Without an elevator digital screen, you would have to litter your community with paper announcements. Also, paper messages operate under the presumption that people regularly check bulletin boards.  

Elevator digital screens have the advantage over bulletin boards because they are engaging, interactive, and practical. Bright and interactive tools catch residents’ eyes far more than everyday paper bulletin announcements. It is an investment you need to make. 

Elevator Digital Screens Offer a Streamlined Sharing Process

With paper bulletin boards,  someone has to be on-site, at all times, to update residents in a somewhat timely fashion. If your board is all over the place (perhaps some members are on vacation or unable to meet physically), and your property manager can’t print and tack the latest message, you will have a problem sharing and relaying community notices on time. 

Elevator video screens offer a streamlined sharing process that is versatile and convenient. You can share updates in a way that works best for your community. Digital technology allows you to upload content to your elevator digital screens from your laptop, tablet or phone. 

Elevator Digital Screens Are Hard To Miss

Paper bulletin boards get placed in elevators (a high-traffic area in a community), but they are frequently ignored or forgotten by residents wherever they go. Think about it: how often does anyone read tacked on classifieds, polls, or other services on a bulletin board? The answer is rarely. Bulletin boards are not exciting or engaging.  

Elevator digital screens are bright, exciting, sleek, and very hard to miss. Not only are they visible, but their touch screens are interactive and engaging (perfect for high-traffic areas). 

If you want to engage residents, elevator digital screens are the best solution for your community.

Your Best Solution 

Max TV Media is your complete elevator video screen solution. Our technology provides a wide range of features that are customizable to your community needs. 

Streamlined process

MaxTV Media offers advanced scheduling, meaning you can share announcements weeks and even months in advance. That means if you know a big announcement is coming and no one is available to update the system, the system will automatically update itself according to your preferences. 

Use pre-loaded templates (or upload your designs) to relay important messages about fire drills, renovation updates, and anything else you need to share. The possibilities are endless with our interface.  

Cloud-based technology means that as you have internet access,you can get the message to your residents on time. 

Interactive features

With voting polls, community classifieds, and other relevant content (such as local news and weather) that your community will want to hear about, MaxTV media offers a robust solution for connecting and engaging with your community. 

Before You Go

Behind every great board is healthy communication. If you want to learn about how you can better communicate with your owners and residents, and encourage trust and openness in your community, contact us today! We would love to show you how MaxTV Communication Systems can be of service to you. 



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