Why Use a Digital Elevator Screen ?

Elevator ScreenA digital elevator display is a unique product. New cutting edge display solutions allow you to change information with a click. Additionally, you can:
* Improve the standard of living in your condominium using digital screens in elevators, parking levels, lobbies, etc.
* Save time, money and resources.
* Reduce paper waste.
* Display your notices all the time.
* Get audience attraction through bright, dynamic content.
* Upload and create notices quickly using pre-built templates.
* Fully manage your content using our Content Management System.
* Create specialized content, social news and community updates.

Elevator Screen
How it Works
The newest developments in elevator advertising is targeting audiences using web-connected digital elevator screens. The elevator screen runs content from a variety of licensed providers. Advertising can be tied into the news running on the screen to make it more relevant. Advertisers can target their ads in practically real time. Other elevator advertising techniques include elevator wrapping; this is most often used in malls, airports, hotels, railway stations or at special events such as trade shows or conferences. Wraps can be employed on the outside of elevator doors, and by opening and closing of the elevator doors; a sensational graphical effect can be utilized.

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