Repetition in Advertising and Why It Matters

What do ancient orators like Aristotle and modern icons like Churchill all have in common?

They all knew the timeless value of repeating a strong message. No matter how powerful your marketing is, research shows it takes on average 5 or 6 exposures to an ad before people take action. A high impact campaign is not just about what you say but how often you say it. In this article, we share how condo ads, can give you the consistent ad repetition you need to land more sales.


1. Ensure Your Ads Are Remembered & Trusted

Experiments in social studies show that the more often we see a certain person or hear a certain message the greater our trust grows. The brain recognises the message, sees a pattern, places more value on it, and thus pays greater attention to it. So, if your advertising is seen daily, you have a winner.
Let’s take an example, look at this random number for five seconds. 8612791647. Now cover it up and try to write it down. It is pretty difficult, right? But if I asked you to write down your phone number or social security number you probably could. The more times something is repeated the more likely it is to pass from your brain’s short term to long-term memory. Similarly, the more times your ad message is repeated, the more likely it will go from short-term interest to long-term business relationship.

2. How Can You Get Repeat Advertising Exposure?

Reaching the same people in your advertising is not as easy as it sounds. How do you know what media they will engage with regularly? Even if you target a certain radio show, TV series or magazine, it may be days or weeks between each edition. People are likely to forget about you and it will take a lot longer for your ads to make an impact. This is why digital signage like Max TV’s has a recall rate of 52% vs TV at 32% and radio at 27%.
Condo residents will pass your promotions daily, as they use the elevator to and from work and social activities. Each person sees our screens on average 4 times day. Our ads run on a 6-minute loop, 24/7, 480 times a day. Your message can become part of their routine, giving them the repetition, familiarity and trust to go ahead and make a purchase with you.

3. Remember to Take Action

“Repetition, repetition, repetition” is a key marketing mantra. Give our team a call today, to explore more about condo ads and how they can help you create an unforgettable message.

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