How the Digital Revolution Has Changed Advertising

Digital innovations have entered almost every part of our lives. We absorb the day’s events with the scroll of a mouse, not just the swish of a page. Business networking is conducted on keyboards, not just conferences. Our entertainment is switching from the big screen to the small screen. Advertising is no exception. In this piece, we explore how technology is changing the industry and how you can capitalize on it.


1. The Psychology of Attention & Engagement

What grabs and keeps our attention? For our survival, our brains are primed to pick out moving objects, vibrant colours and interesting sounds. This is why digital advertising is effective. The immersive sensory experience draws us in, in a way that printed ads simply can’t. It’s no surprise that digital signage has a recall rate of 52% vs radio at 27% and magazines at 21%.

Digital advertising in condos makes particular sense. You can create powerful, interactive ads that not only capture attention, but are tailored towards people’s local area. People fast forward through TV ads and flick through social media, but in condos you have a window of undivided attention. People are looking at the screens for local news, weather and sports, so when your local product or service pops up with an engaging video, you will have their curiosity.

2. Digital is Disruptive

‘The Innovator’s Dilemma’ is rumoured to be the only business book Steve Jobs had on his shelf and explains why companies who embrace change are the winners and those stuck in the past are left behind, scrapping for market share in a saturated environment.
The ‘Innovator’s Dilemma’ by Harvard’s Clayton Christensen, details case studies of how innovation disrupts the status quo until the original solution becomes obsolete. Think e-books vs paperbacks, mp3s vs CDs. Uber vs taxi cabs. Digital advertising is no different; the greater reach, superior returns and faster execution it offers, has changed the way we promote. Are you ready to move with the times?

3. Embrace the Future or Be Stuck in The Past?

The digital age has transformed how we receive information, how we socialize, and how we advertise. If you would like your business to lead the way on this transformation, then give us a call and we’d be glad to share stories and stats on why digital condo advertising is the future.

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