Elevator Screens

Today, elevator advertising is one of the hottest new advertising trends, and is a great way to elevator-screensget your message across to prospective customers. Screens inside elevator cabs which display news, entertainment, or advertising create a unique opportunity for advertisers to expose their services to a captive audience.

An elevator screen is a monitor built into, or installed in elevator cabins, keeping passengers occupied during their ride. The elevator screen displays news, weather, advertisements, entertainment, building information or any other content usually in a looping or streaming format.

In order to achieve beneficial advertising results, focusing on targeted groups in specific locations is advisable. New media opportunities and venues like elevators, where people pass through every day is a promising space. The strength of elevator advertising has its ability to reach your target market more effectively.

Digital elevator screens offer residents quick updates for topics like weather, sports, news, traffic and more. An elevator screen also offers residents and building managers the ability share important building announcements in an efficient manner. Elevator screens in an office building connected to the internet allow advertisers to show their ads to relevant people in specific locations at scheduled times. Elevator displays provide a system for property managers to easily communicate with their residents and tenants. Elevator displays make residents look forward to elevator rides, making your building look more professional, technologically advanced, and stylish.

Digital displays are part of a global movement of technological advancements. They are changing the way people find services and consumer goods. Elevators are usually quick moving and small; advertising displays must be slim enough to fit inside, and carefully positioned to draw passenger attention while providing good viewing angles.

Elevator screen
Elevator advertising is probably the most effective advertising method available in terms of consumer awareness and gaining momentum. It is one of the hottest marketing venues simply because occupants of elevators are a captive audience. Successful elevator advertising includes securing the busiest elevators in commercial buildings such as malls, office towers, hospitals and hotels, and high-rise residential buildings.

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