Elevator Ads And Upcoming Trends

Elevator Ads

Elevator advertising is a new and modern method of advertising that various businesses are eliane-indiani-fitness-centeradopting to get attentive and captive audiences. When in elevators, people have nothing to do, and typically stare at the walls while waiting for their floor. This is the time when their mind wants to have a bit of entertainment which is helpful while in a confined space.

During this time, the mind is receptive and can digest as much information as provided. The use of these 30 to 50 seconds window can provide many companies with an outstanding boost in exposure, and this is the concept which gave birth to the idea of elevator ads.

It is no surprise that elevator ads are becoming more and more important for companies and entrepreneurs to utilize their marketing and advertising plans. The audience is very much captive and willing to watch whatever you show them.

Elevator adsSo how you can invest in a space for your ads to be shown in the elevators, and expose products and services to your potential customers? Space for your elevator ads in high-rise buildings in different areas can be bought through the help of third parties, who will help create your ads and position them in the elevators in such a way that they will be more visible, engaging and eye catching. The contracts for elevator ads are typically offered for 3, 6 and 12 month campaigns with reasonable discounts offered for long term relations.

If you are interested in creating your elevator ads and getting a great space for it, you are most welcome to contact us, and our media experts will take care of the rest.

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