Digital Notice Boards vs Paper Bulletin Boards

In the modern world, time matters. Digital Notice BoardsEveryone has a schedule and everyone wants to get the right information about things that are important to them as quickly as possible. People carry cell phones, notebooks and other devices so that they are always aware of the right information at right time.

When looking at the various options to convey information, the best one that comes to mind is the digital notice board. The concept of the digital notice board originates from the original cork-bulletin, or simple notice boards.

Most buildings and institutions with common areas such as schools, hospitals, hotels and condos have notice boards, on which they post important information for residents, visitors, and owners. Inside these buildings, digital notice boards are now replacing traditional paper notice boards because digital notice boards are much more convenient to use, and are more appealing to readers. This system allows building owners and management to easily and effectively convey the proper information in real-time to the right people.

Digital Notice BoardsToday’s notice boards are not the same as they used to be; they have undergone many changes, as the world is constantly moving towards innovative solutions to information gathering and conveying.

Traditional paper notice boards are used to display necessary information on a regular basis. However, in order to do that, organizations traditionally needed to do a lot of paperwork, print notices, take them down when they become irrelevant, and repeat this process as many times as necessary. This can surely be very inconvenient and time-consuming, especially if you manage a hotel or condo with many floors and units, and have to display messages in various parts of the building to make sure everyone sees them.

Conversely, if working with digital notice boards, managers can easily update and post new content, typically with an easy-to-use software application, or a web-based system. Managers don’t need any paper, a large number of copies, or the personnel required to distribute this information. It takes just a few seconds to update and schedule information on a digital notice board, making this task efficient and easy, thereby allowing management to focus on more important issues and tasks.

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