Digital Elevator Advertising

As consumers get increasingly immune to advertising, advertisers need to come up with Elevator advertisingnew and creative ideas to communicate with potential consumers, and one of the best places to advertise is in an elevator. Elevator advertising is the most effective advertising available in terms of consumer awareness.

Just few years ago, digital elevator advertising didn’t exist. Today, it is the hottest new advertising trend. Elevator ads take advantage of consumers true captive time – while they are riding the elevator. Elevator advertising is growing all over the world, and is gaining momentum as one of the hottest marketing venues.

For every 28 second elevator ride, a captive audience member stares at the screen for 24 seconds and glances at it at least twice. Successful elevator ad campaigns seek to secure elevator real estate in commercial buildings, malls, office towers, hospitals, railway stations, supermarkets and restaurants. The busiest elevators in the community are the best to target. Key ad exposure times include daily rush-hours, weekends, and holidays.

Elevator advertisingOur world is saturated with logos, ads and brands. You have to come up with something that really appeals to the right target market. The strength of elevator advertising is its captive audience with little choice but to look whatever is on the walls. Elevator advertising has more strength due to ability to target more narrowly. Digital screens in high-rise building elevators are connected to the internet, meaning that they can be updated easily.

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