September 11, 2020

The Types of Elevator Screens Available To Your Community


If your community has decided to take the plunge and invest in digital notice boards, you made the right decision. Elevator screens share information with owners and residents in a fast, interactive, and practical way.

Your owners and residents deserve the best, and you want to ensure that you pick the right model for your community. 

However, with so many elevator screens available, it might seem challenging to determine which one would work best for your building. There are three kinds of elevator screens on the market, and we are going to give you a closer look at them all.

  • Digital Picture Frames with USB Plug-ins

Digital picture frames with USB plug-ins used to be the most modern and efficient way to share information. Still, with how fast technology is moving and shaking, they are quickly becoming an inconvenience. With USB plug-ins, you must wait for the elevator to move up and down to plug in the USB, but you also must wait for it to upload and repeat the same process for every single elevator in the building.

  • Network Screens & Travelling Cables 

Network screens connected by a cable (known as a “travelling cable”) give managers the ability to control content shared through the internet. It sounds good, but the problem is that it requires a high IT and infrastructure expense that your board may not be willing to spend. If the cables fail (and they likely will, eventually), you must re-open the walls and feed in new travelling lines. Who wants the hassle of that? 

  •  Our Cloud-Based Solution: 

Instead of requiring someone to plug in a USB  to update the screen system (and having to update each elevator screen individually), or using networked screens connected to a cable (and incurring astronomical costs to do so), why not enjoy a more streamlined solution? Our elevator screens are wireless, cloud-based systems that offer remote updating and notice sharing access from a mobile, a desktop or a tablet. Our software is cutting-edge, easy to use, and gives you control. 

Besides providing digital screens for condo mailrooms, lobbies, and parking levels, we have three types of elevator screens. They are: 

Surface Mount Series 

The Surface Mount series continues to serve condos where existing elevators cannot handle a built-in model. If elevators are older, or any other case where an elevator can not contain a flush to the surface screen, this is your best option. 

Available at either 13, 15, and 17-inches, you are sure to find the right size for your condo elevator. We mount the screens at eye level, inside or outside the elevator, so your owners and residents can easily read notices and relevant content. Our sleek and modern touch screen allows residents to gather the latest information quickly.

The screens are loaded with the latest software (your choice of Android or Linux), and they come in various sizes; our Surface Mount series would be right at home in your condo, HOA, co-op, hotel, strata, or apartment building. 

Angle Mount Series

Our Angle Mount series is an elevator wall mount encased in stainless steel. It is best suited to serve communities with marble or granite walls, as it sits high and at an angle above the elevator doors or in the corner of an elevator. 

The Angle Mount series also comes pre-loaded with your choice of Android or Linux software. It comes at 21.5-inches or a special order size (available by request). Cutting-edge communication is at your fingertips with this elegant and practical solution to your elevator screen needs. 

Flush Mount Series

If your community is looking to enter a new communication era, this is your best bet. Embarking on renovations or remodels is exciting, but why not take things up a notch and consider installing our Flush Mount series in your elevators. 

This series is designed for modern elevators and is a puzzle fit for a new elevator surface. Entirely customizable, your board has complete control over what size screen will fit best in your elevators. That means whether you prefer a standard 15 or 17-inch elevator screen or something more significant, we can accommodate you. 

Take your opportunity to seize the day and take your resident engagement strategy to the next level.

Let Us Help You

Perhaps your board is interested in having MaxTV elevator screens installed in your community, and we want you to know that we are here to help. Our screens and our software will improve communication and engagement in your community. 

The transition between old-school bulletin boards and new-school technology can seem rough, but we assure you that our team has all the tools required to set you up for success. Our screens are bright, engaging, and interactive, and our software will streamline the way you communicate with your residents. 

Stick with us, and we will help you connect and communicate with owners and residents in new ways. Commit to starting the journey with us, and we will help you succeed.  

Before You Go

Behind every great board is healthy communication. If you want to learn about how you can better communicate with your owners and residents, and encourage trust and openness in your community, contact us today! We would love to show you how MaxTV Communication Systems can be of service to you. 



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