July 29, 2020

The Top Condo Management Trend Since COVID-19 Has Started

The top condo management trend since COVID-19 started is 3 little words: Emphasis on Digital.

Go digital and limit in-person contact! Going digital is not a new trend, but a necessary one. Digital communication if used properly can be a fantastic way to reach residents safely while also contributing to sustainability efforts. Try implementing self-service features as much as possible to limit foot traffic and personal contact with concierge or management. Self service ideas can be used effectively for registering visitor parking, logging service items and can even include parcel pick up notifications. Going digital, especially through use of TVs in lobbies and elevators can distribute the right information in a quick and easy way. 

Three suggestions to support social distancing through digital communication:

  1. Remove all paper notifications – save money on paper to help support sanitization
  2. Offer polls to residents to see where they stand on issues and use their feedback to map new solutions
  3. Provide quick updates on multiple channels (email, social media and TV announcements) to reduce confusion and maximize reach

Even with growing uncertainty, you can help your residents feel safe at home.

Don’t fret – educate! During times of growing uncertainty if you educate yourself on the possible issues you can be proactive in management. It would be pretty unreasonable to think someone can see the future, but there are tools out there to properly understand what could happen so you can be ready when it does. Financial pressures are unfortunately a negative outcome of COVID-19 and need to be understood. Design a plan for common scenarios to have your playbook ready to go when you need it. Actively continue to assess practices already put in place to guarantee success. If something isn’t working the way you planned it would, change it! If you need to be more authoritative in communication, go for it! The ultimate goal is to provide exemplary service even if it takes a new approach. Finally, make sure to focus on the well-being of yourself, residents and staff. Uncertainty can be very stressful on people and some individuals might need some extra care and attention. The goal is to be mindful of all parties involved as we are all in this together!

3 ways to manage growing uncertainty:

  1. Be proactive – educate, plan and execute. Have a playbook to deal with foreseeable issues.
  2. Be considerate of all parties involved – burnout is real! Make sure to check in on staff, residents and yourself.
  3. Consider outside advice. Work together with other experts in the field or outsource resources to help manage and solve problems. 


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