July 2, 2020

The Top Approach for a More Efficient Condo Building

Whether you are fully staffed or cut short due to COVID-19, running an efficient condo building is often top of mind for property managers, board of directors and staff alike. The #1 top approach to a more efficient condo building is simple – offer hands off and self serve solutions to your residents. Not only will it save you and your staff time, it will make your condo residents happier overall. Here are 3 ways you can get started with a hands off approach today! 

Parcel pickup

Increases in online shopping and shipments have been on an upward trend in the past few years with over hundreds of packages being delivered daily to concierge services. By implementing digital notifications of deliveries and information into concierge desks systems can create a seamless and hands off approach to parcel pick up. Residents can simply be notified their package has indeed arrived by e-mail or messaging app and can purposefully visit concierge for its retrieval. This not only helps residents know their package has arrived safely, it allows time for concierge and management to properly receive, process and store packages safely and streamlines resident retrieval encounters. 

Printing parking tickets

Printing visitor parking tickets can be a hassle for many, especially when time is of the essence. Waiting in line behind other resident inquiries at the concierge desk can be a daunting task. Allowing online registration for parking tickets or other digital options can alleviate stressors in regards to visitor parking. A simple online registration through the online condo portal could be a paperless option where all information could be inputted by the resident online and the information would be readily available to security/concierge when checking for registered cars. Moving to an online paperless only option could be difficult for other generations in the building so registration by concierge and printable tickets should still be available. Another option could be a secured touch screen tablet in the lobby area where inputs could be performed by the resident/visitor and the option for a printed ticket could be available. This option could continue to pose registration waiting times as well as increased contact and additional sanitation procedures.

Logging service items

Online service items communication can be an effective way for both residents to input information and for management to organize requests and track their status. Management can design an easy to use form to further assess service categories, urgency and completion. By refining the request or complaint process this can help eliminate time for both residents and management. Communication can be limited to the online portal to check the status of the request (reviewed, next step, appointment window etc.) and more in depth communication if required can be performed through phone/e-mail as requested. 

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