August 14, 2020

The #1 Solution to Maximize Your Condo Communication Strategy

Are you struggling to effectively communicate with the hundreds of condo residents under your management? Why not consider implementing a more hands off digital approach? Digital display screens.

On average condo residents use the elevator a minimum four times a day. Residents with dogs ride the elevator upwards of 10 trips per day! What should you as a property manager do with this information? Quite simply you should maximize your messaging and communication reach by use of digital display screens in elevators and elevator waiting areas! 

If you think about it logically, if you were to post paper messaging in elevator cabs, residents would see the exact same message at least four times a day. Now, if you implemented TV screens with carousel messaging the chances that residents will see more than one message in only one of their trips is a guarantee! This furthers your reach to residents by communicating more information in what becomes a “condo highlight reel”. Allowing yourself as a property manager to improve the quality and delivery of communication fosters a strong condominium community. Continuous communication is one of the best ways to create a positive, informative and safe condominium community. Fortunately, we have put together a few helpful tips and tricks to take your communication to the next level by implementing hands off digital communication tools! 

Moving towards more digital or solely digital communication might seem daunting, especially when additional money and procedures will be involved to make the switch! But we have put together a list of helpful tips and tricks not only to make your transition smoother, but to show your condo board, residents and property management team why it’s worth it!

5 ways to maximize communication with digital display screens:

  1. Reduce waste
    • Increase condo building sustainability efforts by printing less paper! If you were to dive into your accounting from last year, you could probably estimate a generous portion of your office supply costs were for paper! Reduce the use of excessive printing and waste, especially when many paper messages placed on individual unit doors or posted throughout the building are often missed, ignored or deemed irrelevant. Moving towards digital screens and more frequent digital communication allows for more timely announcements, faster response times and less waste! Make the switch and see the increased value in your communication channels. 
  2. Increase communication output
    • Utilizing digital communications, especially digital display screens in elevators or other high traffic areas increases your messaging output. Creating relevant highlight reels, important announcements and contact information overall strengthens your condominium community. Most importantly, digital updates promote timely communication. Removal of old notices or information throughout the building is no longer a concern. Going digital alleviates stress on property management – you can update or remove messaging virtually at any time throughout the day from anywhere! 
  3. Prioritize topics
    • Increasing communication output is a positive tool through the use of digital screens, but make sure not to over saturate! Prioritizing topics and messaging must be considered when designing your messaging screens and other methods of digital communication. If communication becomes too dense or even seen as consistently irrelevant residents might start to ignore messages on this platform. Make sure to only display a small number of messages at a time, while repeating the most important announcements most often. For instance, if new procedures are in place such as wearing face coverings and masks in common areas of the building, this messaging should be displayed for longer periods of time on the screens over other subordinate messages or announcements. 
  4. Increase awareness
    • One of the attractive benefits of digital display screens is that there is a great deal of room for creativity! Increase awareness of important announcements or even contact information for property management with useful tools. Uploading a QR code that will link to the contact email or website portal is a quick and easy way for residents to pull out their smartphone and connect in a very simple way. Another tool to increase awareness is to use attractive fonts, graphics and colors to spark interest and increase responsiveness. Utilizing apps on the digital screens to coincide with messages such as weather, news, and stocks draws attention to the screens and ultimately will lead to increased awareness of relative topics to the community as a whole. 
  5. Efficient communication and time sensitivity
    • Quick updates and virtual access to messaging overall contributes to efficient communication! Time sensitivity is a very important aspect of effective communication, archaic communication tools such as paper postings and posters are often forgotten and not removed in a time sensitive manner. Allowing yourself as a property manager to update messages virtually any time or any place ensures relative information is displayed. Even simple updates such as maintenance has been contacted for an elevator out of service, helps alleviate resident frustration and repetitive communication of the problem to managers/concierge and vice versa.


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