December 3, 2020

How To Transition Your Condo Community To A Robust Digital Strategy

We live in a world where fast, efficient, and frequent communication is more critical than ever. That is why, today, your board must offer a communication solution that is modern and practical.  

Perhaps your board knows how crucial it is to have updated technology, but you are unsure how to transition your community. Switching from an old process to digital technology is not as complicated as you might think!  

Today, we share our best tips for transitioning from an old system to a robust digital strategy.

Prepare Your Community For The Change 

Although many people would welcome updated technology in their community, some boards hesitate to advance their communication solutions out of fear of alienating older residents and owners. In such cases, our advice to you is to do the following:

Explain the Shift To Your Residents & Owners

Send out an email letting your residents know that these changes are taking place. Doing this is critical because it gives residents a chance to feel good about the changes that will occur ahead of time. 

Offer A Sneak Peek 

Get residents excited about the change by giving them a taste of the new technology. Send them an email with a few pictures of the software and screen, or a catalogue, and share details about how streamlined it will be. 

Allow Residents To Ask Questions 

During a transition period, residents may be unsure, confused, and curious about the changes that are taking place in their community. Opening up communication lines is part of your mandate as a board, and it reassures unsure residents that this transition is a good idea. 

Prepare Your Board 

Aside from preparing your community for the shift that comes with adding to or changing your communication process, it is also essential to prepare your board.

Your board, not unlike your community, is used to communicating in a certain way. That is why your board needs to ensure that you communicate regarding how you want to use this new technology for your community. 

Deciding that having this technology in your community will enrich your communication process means that you are already on the right track. Now you must begin to make changes. 

Make The Shift 

The first thing you need to know about digital notice boards is that while they will streamline your communication strategy, they are not the solution for everything. 

Digital notice boards do not replace private email or letters (which you would use to send longer messages and personal, community-only, correspondence). They certainly do not take the place of face-to-face engagement either. They are an innovative way to connect with residents in real-time.

Build Your Outreach Strategy

Indeed, digital notice boards are a critical part of a responsive communication strategy today, but what role do they play alongside other digital tools? It is time to take a closer look: 

Digital Notice Boards

Digital notice boards are natural attention grabbers. They engage residents, and people consequently stay informed. For instance, say that you sent an email or mentioned in your newsletter that your community can expect upcoming renovations to the building. If no one opened or responded to those emails or that newsletter, then you will find your announcement fell to the ground. 

That is where a digital notice board comes in: digital notice boards fill the gap and offer a new layer of communication technology at the same time. 

Digital notice boards give you flexibility in your messaging: not only can you share important news, but you can share community events too. Although Digital notice boards cannot cover every base, they work well as part of a strategy.

Emails and Newsletters  

Emails and newsletters are an excellent medium for sending official notices and documentation. 

Websites and Forums 

Websites are a great place to announce community news to the public (especially when your community wants new residents and owners). On the other hand, forums are an online platform that you can easily limit to residents and owners. They are great for long-form discussions about community news and updates. 

Check-In & Stay Connected

Be sure to engage with residents in your community, asking them how they feel and what they think about the new technology. Initiate check-ins periodically (perhaps, every three months) to know what is working for residents and owners and what your board can improve on. 

Common Misunderstandings

Many people believe that using digital technology will not only take the place of traditional communication, but it will also alienate people from each other. Indeed, this is untrue. Digital technology encourages community participation, engagement, and bonding because you get to communicate whatever message you choose. 

If you want to encourage more face-to-face time in your community, then a digital notice board is a great way to announce a potluck or an upcoming community meeting. The fact is, digital technology will not alienate residents from each other; it will bring people closer together.


The key to a successful transition is preparation and execution. Preparing means that you have an understanding of how you will not only use this new technology in your community, but it also means you have a plan to prepare reluctant residents for change. 

Let Us Help You

Behind every great board is healthy communication. If you want to learn about how you can better communicate with your owners and residents, and encourage trust and openness in your community, contact us today! We would love to show you how MaxTV Communication Systems can be of service to you. 


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