July 23, 2020

3 Things You Need to Know About Condo Maintenance This Year

Are you finding your traditional methods and plans for 2020 obsolete? Although risk planning was included in your annual review, nobody could have predicted the major impact COVID-19 has on our realities. Major shifts in the activities of condo management will move away from traditional ‘maintenance and repair’ and will focus on sanitation and proper communication. The on-going pandemic, COVID-19, has presented many challenges to condo maintenance and is continuing to evolve. Growing uncertainty is also an important topic to address. Potential short and long term effects such as financial pressures and changes to real estate market activities are bound to occur. Stay in tune with our 5 things you need to know about condo maintenance this year to help adapt to change! 


Clean hands, clean surfaces and clean communication! Sanitization and limiting the spread of COVID-19 is going to be a number one priority. Protecting the safety of valued residents and staff will require additional planning both logistically and financially. Additional resources will be required to flatten the curve and will not come without cost. When planning for additional sanitization procedures, try not to worry too much about financial obligations, focus primarily on smart ways to reallocate existing efforts and introduce new services to fit this necessity. Sanitization should not be handled on the cheap as this could pose more costly long-term problems if sanization is not a priority. 

Four easy ways to promote sanitization:

  1. Automatic hand sanitizers in high traffic areas
  2. Offer a steady supply of disinfectant wipes/gloves/masks for sale
  3. Communicate provincial hand washing and hand sanitization guides
  4. Set a good example to residents by always practicing social distancing and wearing PPE

Garbage disposal

Residents spending more time at home means more garbage! In light of our ‘new normal’ throughout COVID-19, garbage disposal volume has dramatically increased. Management needs to organize additional support to support higher volumes. Try reallocating staff activities to higher volume areas requiring extra care, including garbage chute rooms and high touch surfaces throughout the building. Once amenities slowly reopen continued consideration and reevaluation of meticulous cleaning measures will help ensure safety and sanitization. 

Three ways to help with extra garbage disposal:

  1. Limit garbage disposal to dedicated garbage rooms – allowing garbage disposal in common areas or amenities increases contamination
  2. Communicate safe disposal practices including breaking down cardboard in respective units before disposing
  3. Encourage residents to report issues with garbage disposal or other residents who are not taking proper precautions

Sourced trades/contractors

Communication, communication, communication! Communicate community protocols to outside trades and contractors before they begin working! Visitors have been limited during this time to necessary visitors, which would include contractors and additional on-site staff to support COVID-19 safety practices. Clear communication of procedures on site helps to protect both visiting contractors/services as well as on site staff and residents. Any outside necessary visitors should be required to wear personal protective equipment including masks and gloves and refusal to do so should be considered a breach of community safety. 

Three guidelines to promote safe onsite visitors:

  1. Follow suggested government protocols and communicate guidelines concisely
  2. Limit the amount of sourced trades/contractors on a daily basis to promote social distancing
  3. Provide a list of accredited services/contractors to residents


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