Benefits Of Elevator Advertising

Elevator ads have the highest unaided medium awareness percentage (84%). Elevator advertising also has a very high aided media recall percentage (96%).

 Elevator Ads

On average, residents make 6 daily trip in their elevators, and have four visitors to their apartment every month. When a survey was conducted about whether residents paid attention to advertising inside elevators, they answered “yes” 85% of the time. Also, 82% of these residents stated that these ads are interesting to read.

Characteristics and Benefits ofElevator Ads :

* Creative benefits: Elevator ads have become very creative with an ability to generate a “buzz” through the cleverness of visual appeal.

* Micro-targeting: With these ads you can micro-target your ads by area, by locality or even by building. The ability find your target-market increases.

* Cost: The cost-effectiveness of the ads is one of the primary benefits for small businesses. A highly targeted, cost-effective campaign is usually preferred to spending thousands of dollars on traditional advertising.

* Continuous exposure: Other mediums, such as newspapers ads get seen once and get thrown in the garbage. Elevator ads work for you around the clock, infiltrating your customers buying psyches on a daily basis.

* Editing capacity: Elevator ads can be edited on a daily or even hourly basis – making spelling mistakes and incorrect information obsolete.

Benefits of Elevator Ads to Property Owners and Managers :

Elevator Ads

* Reduction of vandalism: Elevator advertising reduces the cost of elevator maintenance. Ads captivate passengers, thereby relieving stress and giving people something to focus on.

* A new source of income: If your building qualifies, a new revenue-shared platform will be offered to the Board of Directors.

* Reduction of junk mail: Local advertisers use elevator advertising as an alternative to direct mail. Less junk mail means less paper scattered throughout the property and less money spent on disposal services.

* Service to tenants: Tenants like elevator screens. The information communicated relieves the monotony of long rides, and reduces the stress of being with strangers. Additionally, it can offer promotions to residents that they didn’t know of before.

* Improved Appearance: A digital notice board can bring your elevator to life. It will give it a technologically advanced look, while providing the best possible communication platform.

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