Advertise Your Services Exclusively – Less Competition, More Sales

It’s hard to stand out from the crowd. The more competitors you have, the less likely people are to remember you. It would be much easier to have an uncontested space to craft your message, make an impression and become the number one choice. With Max TV’s exclusive advertising, you can – it can give you a huge competitive edge over advertising on platforms like google and social media.


1. Exclusive Advertising

At Max TV, we limit the number of advertisers from your sector so your message cuts through the crowd. Plus, we have something special: for one condo of your choice, you can be the exclusive advertiser in your industry (conditions apply). So, find your highest impact location, the one with the greatest potential for your sales and be the sole voice to customers in that area. It’s like playing a real-life joker card!
Now rather than being distracted by the competition, you can focus your message on how your product or service will make people’s lives better. You can become the go-to company in your industry and create new life-long profitable customers.

2. Harvard Agrees

In their ground-breaking book ‘The Blue Ocean Strategy’, featured in the Harvard Business Review, the authors pioneer a better strategy than the status quo. Instead of competing in a ‘red ocean’, battling for marketing territory in a crowded no-win game with other players, where prices and margins have to be squeezed to make a sale, they encourage people to search for a ‘blue ocean’.
This is an uncontested marketing space where you can create your message unencumbered. Instead of being ‘one of many’, you are now the King or Queen of that area, so you can connect with customers, focus on how you add value and make your promotion a lot more powerful.

3. Embrace the Future or Be Stuck in The Past?

The digital age has transformed how we receive information, how we socialize, and how we advertise. If you would like your business to lead the way on this transformation, then give us a call and we’d be glad to share stories and stats on why digital condo advertising is the future.

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